It goes without saying that we’d always recommend you choose a Certified Installer Network member, but whichever company you choose, these questions will help you decide which is the best company for you.

Tell us about the company that supplies your windows?
In an ideal world the sales representative should be able to tell you exactly who makes your windows.  But critically, it’s important that the fabricator, the company that manufactures your windows, is a reputable business.  Windows supplied by a CIN member for example are manufactured by the
UK’s 4th biggest fabricator, a company that invests heavily in innovation to ensure windows far surpass minimum security and thermal performance standards.

Surely all windows are different? Why are your windows better?
It’s really hard to judge the performance of one window versus another so ask your retailer to explain the key features and benefits of their window system.

Should we be considering triple glazing?
That’s a question of budget. Double glazing is still by far the most popular choice for home owners in the UK and there is very little evidence to support the real-life benefit of triple glazing.  Having said that, retailers often do great deals on triple glazing so it’s always worth asking the question.  Lots of home owners experience a reduction in noise from traffic and so although it’s commonly installed to improve thermal performance.

We’re keen that our windows are very secure, tell us about the security performance of your windows?
If a retailer doesn’t talk openly about the security features of their windows then we would question that. Not only should windows look great and dramatically improve the aesthetic and thermal performance of your home, they should also keep you secure.

Our home currently has white windows, should we be considering colour?
Increasingly home improvers are turning to colour as a way of improving the kerb appeal of their property. Anthracite grey and heritage colours are a fantastic way to add personality and style to your property so definitely consider a colour-switch.  It’s really important that you find a retailer that will confidently help you make the right choice – if they simply dismiss colour, then consider a different retailer!

Are my windows guaranteed?
That’s a really good question.  Without question both the unit and the workmanship should be guaranteed.  Before you decide on your retailer ask to read the terms and conditions of their guarantee – a CIN installation comes with a 10 year product guarantee meaning that if your retailer goes out of business in that time, your windows are still covered.