Case Study – Mrs Fitch, Hertfordshire

Mrs Fitch has lived in her Hertfordshire home since 1997. When she visited her son in Belgium at his newly refurbished his house, she couldn’t help but admire his windows: “My house is somewhat unusual looking and my old wooden window frames were a hotchpotch – some stained in mahogany and some painted black, inside and out” she told us. “My son’s new windows made such a difference to the overall look of his property and I was inspired to make a similar change at my house – as soon as I got home, I went to Dobsons to talk to them about replacing my windows,” Mrs Fitch continued.

Dobsons are members of the Certified Installer Network and have been operating in Cheshunt for 80 years. Mrs Fitch chose Dobsons having experienced great customer service from them many years ago, whilst living in her previous house. “My first question was whether or not they could give me what I wanted, as so many other window companies I’ve come across don’t seem to have much variety on offer,” she explained. “I wanted four things – I knew I wanted uPVC windows as I didn’t want wooden windows which would need painting regularly. I wanted to stay with black windows outside to remain in keeping with the black cladding on the house, but I was keen to have white frames inside to brighten up the interior. And I wanted windows which open inwards so that I can clean them myself – I have a lot of planting around my house and the window cleaner has been driving me mad for years trampling all over the garden!” she joked.

Mrs Fitch was impressed by the quality of the windows: “The old window in my dining room was always draughty, but now that room is lovely and warm. And the problem I had with condensation in the bedrooms is long gone. In particular I’m thrilled that my windows now open inwards – now it’s just a matter of getting round to cleaning them.”

As well as replacing all her windows, Mrs Fitch also opted to replace two external doors – her rear door, plus another which leads into her utility room: “I wanted the two external doors to match the style and colour of the new windows, so I decided to change them at the same time,” she told us. “The two doors are very visible when I’m inside the house and, if I hadn’t replaced them, they would have needed re-painting – I simply didn’t want the hassle of having to keep them looking good.”  Security was very important to Mrs Fitch when choosing the doors and she is pleased with her choice: “I feel very safe when the doors are locked at night,” she said.

Mrs Fitch has been really happy with her decision to use Dobsons again all these years later. “The fitters were very good and any hiccups along the way were quickly remedied,” she explained. “They did the job well and were very professional – they covered the carpets in my house and took their shoes off when working inside. Outside, they tidied up after themselves each evening… and they knew not to trample on my plants! The windows have been fitted very nicely, with no damage to the existing paintwork, which was exactly the case when I used Dobsons before – really excellent workmanship.

“I have already recommended Dobsons to friends of mine”, said Mrs Fitch. “My next home improvement will be to change the patio doors which lead from my sun room to the garden, but it’s going to be part of a bigger building project which I’ll get around to starting one day… one day – I’ll definitely get back in touch with Dobsons when that day comes.”


CIN Member: Dobsons

Location: Hertfordshire

Project: Windows & Doors