Case Study – Mr & Mrs Cavendish, Nottinghamshire

Tricept Windows & Doors

When Mr & Mrs Cavendish bought their large family home in Nottinghamshire they knew they were taking on a project.  As Emma Cavendish explains: “we bought the house in 2011 and although we loved it for its size and location near the children’s school we knew there were plenty of jobs to be done such as a new kitchen, bathrooms and complete redecoration – what we didn’t anticipate though was the windows would need replacing quite so soon.” 

Rustique 3 Triple Glazing Window FramesThe 1950s house has been significantly extended by various previous owners and in doing so, new windows and doors were added at various stages in the homes development.  Emma continues: “when we first looked at the windows they looked ok, they were all different styles and when the previous owner handed us the keys for the window locks we were staggered by the amount of keys we were given, bunches and bunches of tiny mismatched keys.  Some of the windows didn’t even lock yet some were locked shut with lost keys and the older windows in the front part of the house were really draughty.”

The final straw for the tired, mismatched windows was the failure of two of the units in the front of the house, completely eliminating any view from either the dining room or the couple’s daughter’s bedroom. “we recently had the garden landscaped and as soon as we dramatically improved our outdoor space, the exterior of the house really did look very tired indeed.  We really wanted to improve the security of the patio door from the kitchen and the rear French doors – what we didn’t really anticipate though was choosing grey and switching the main garden access doors to a bi-fold.  We always thought we’d stay with what we’d got but in actual fact the transformation by switching to anthracite grey gives our home incredible kerb appeal.”

The Cavendish’s couldn’t be more thrilled by their new Tricept doors and windows, as Emma sums up: “I’ve always focused our home improvement efforts on internal features such as the kitchen and the main living areas, but when we drive or walk up to our house now I feel like I’ve fallen in love with it again.  We just need a new drive now!”

Mr & Mrs Cavendish opted for Anthracite Grey Tricept windows, with a smooth internal finish and woodgrain exterior.  The couple also opted for a set of French doors off the master bedroom, single door to the rear of the garage, Bi-folding doors into the garden and a sliding patio door from the kitchen.


Location: Nottinghamshire

Project: Windows, french door, bi-fold & sliding patio doors