Case Study – Mr & Mrs Pitcher, Norfolk

When Mr & Mrs Pitcher moved into their new home three years ago, they never dreamt they would discover that the previous owners had bought it from Mr Pitcher’s Grandad’s cousin. Having found their ‘forever home’, they set about improving the property room by room. The first addition was a new porch and front door, which instantly transformed the front of the house. The next step was the windows – the couple chose to work with Certified Installer Network member, Broadland Windows, based in Norwich. .

Window & Door Installation, Norfolk, East Anglia“The house had previously been extended to double its size,” explained Mrs Pitcher. The result was mis-matching windows between the new and original parts of the house, with first generation uPVC windows in the newer section. “The double glazed windows looked really old and cheap and were suffering badly from condensation,” she continued.

“Because it’s a period property, we wanted to restore the windows to be in keeping with the feel of the house,” Mrs Pitcher told us. “We knew we wanted Chartwell Green with a woodgrain effect, complete with Georgian bars, period-style handles and matching casement stays. We renovated our first house on a budget – this is the second home we have owned and, because plan to stay put, we’re making sure that this time we get things just the way we want them.”

The couple were impressed with the service they received from Broadland Windows and with the quality of the product. “The fitters were tidy and professional,” described Mrs Pitcher. “And the windows look really impressive. I can’t fault Broadland Windows, they have been brilliant. Because of our budget limitations we’ve replaced the windows as we have saved up enough money and as the various rooms in the house have been completed – the team at Broadland Windows were happy to accommodate that, first installing the front windows, then the side windows.”

This house has given Mr & Mrs Pitcher a great opportunity for a renovation project. “It’s lovely to think we are bringing back to life a property which was in the family years ago,” said Mrs Pitcher. “We plan to extend the house further and then replace the remainder of the old windows. Next year’s project will be to replace the old-fashioned conservatory with a brick-built extension complete with bi-fold doors – we’ll certainly be going back to Broadland Windows and would recommend that anyone in Norfolk do the same!”


CIN Member: Broadland Windows

Location: Norfolk

Project: Windows & Doors