Case Study – Mr & Mrs Pickering

Rustique windows and Suffolk Collection door

Mr & Mrs Pickering have lived in their period home in Leicester for just over three years.  The beauty and curb appeal of the property instantly struck Kerry Pickering as her forever home, she explains: “we loved the period detailing of the property but as with a lot of older houses we knew we’d have to invest in some serious improvements to really make it work for us.”

Mr & Mrs Pickering, Rustique windows and Suffolk Collection doorAnd so on moving into the property Kerry and her husband Richard initially approached Certified Installer Network member Magna Windows for a quote to replace the windows and front door, Kerry picks up the story: “Magna was recommended to us by a family friend, we initially needed some ideas about budgeting and available styles to blend with the period age of our home.  We actually sat on the quote for a while, knowing we wanted a second child we decided to prioritise a rear extension to minimise major disruption at a later date.  That decision has paid dividends.”

Fast-forward three years and the final impetus for Kerry and Richard to change the front door and windows was the ultimate safety and security of their property.   With a baby and toddler completing the family, the crittall windows and rickety front door presented a real security risk.  Kerry tells us more: “one of the biggest concerns about our windows and doors was the security.  The front door was incredibly vulnerable and could have been easily forced open and the windows had absolutely no security features to stop the children falling out.   We knew that we wanted something that would blend with the period styling of our home so it was back to Magna Windows.  They were able to deliver exactly what we wanted – a subtle, yet effective woodgrain exterior finish, called Rustique, which is perfectly in keeping with our home.  The windows have made a huge impact to our property both in terms of looks and thermal performance – no more rattling windows every time we close the front door and we know that our children are absolutely safe.”

To further enhance the Pickering’s home, Kerry and Richard chose a period design front door from a range called the Suffolk Collection.  The door is a modern PVC-u, woodgrain effect material requiring minimal maintenance yet delivering all the charm and character of its timber equivalent. As Kerry concludes: “we feel that we’ve created a beautiful entrance to our home, it really sets the tone for our property.  We’ve eliminated all draughts and combined with the authentic design of our windows we couldn’t be more proud of our home.”


CIN Member: Magna Windows

Location: Leicester

Project: Replacement Windows & entrance Door