Case Study – Happy customer, Hertford Heath

Dobsons of Cheshunt, a member of the Certified Installer Network, has just made a customer in Hertford Heath very happy with new doors and windows. “It’s wonderful,” the homeowner told us.

The customer has lived in the property for 15 years and the windows and door were 17 years old. “I got to the point I didn’t want to re-paint the original wooden door and windows again, so I finally decided to replace everything with uPVC,” she said.

The Dobsons showroom has been on the same site in Cheshunt since 1935, enjoying a long history of satisfied customers and, as is often the case at Dobsons, this customer enquired following a recommendation by a friend. “When I went to the showroom I chose my white windows and then fell in love with a red front door immediately,” she explained. “I loved everything about it – it was made really well and the door furniture looked great.”

Window and Door Installation by CIN Member Dobsons“My friend recommended Dobsons to me because of the impressive level of service they had experienced and I wasn’t disappointed,” the customer told us. “I did get other quotes but Dobsons was the only company to tell me I could have exactly what I wanted. I really wanted a bespoke metal sliding patio door to give access from the kitchen into the garden, along with a lower front door sill as the original was set unusually high – now people no longer fall through the front door like they used to!”

The new windows have given the customer a much better view of the outside world. “Some of the original windows had four panes of glass, each divided by a vertical window frame so that when I looked out I felt like all I could see was window frame. The new windows I chose for downstairs have three panes of glass instead of four – I no longer have a frame down the middle impeding my view and, by opting for equal sight lines, from the outside people can’t tell which windows open and which don’t, they all look the same.” For the upstairs windows, the customer told us that Dobsons was the only company to advise on fire regulations. “My upstairs windows are flying mullion style, which I understand are intended as a means of fire escape. I can now open up the windows completely, with no obstruction from the frame, which not only gives me peace of mind, but also a great view.”

Our happy customer told us she has no complaints and would recommend Dobsons without any hesitation. “I was confident I’d made the right decision at every step of the way – from the salesman to the fitters I was very pleased with the service. The fitters in particular were very tidy and professional, the workmanship was extraordinary and there was no damage to the existing paintwork around the doorway and windows. One of the fitters noticed a scratch on the door knocker – even before I had seen it he said it wasn’t good enough and replaced it.

“With new windows and the new front door, my house feels warm and cosy and looks impressive – people have noticed and complimented me on the change,” she said. “One day I’ll get around to having my bathroom re-done, but for now I’m putting home improvements on hold!”.



CIN Member: Dobsons

Location: Hertford Heath

Project: Windows & Doors