In terms of colour period doors rarely strayed away from a reasonably conservative palette, often using natural pigments which didn’t allow for the vast array of colour we see in today’s modern door designs.

If you live in a period property, or interested in buying a period property, today’s door innovation allows you to enjoy all the grandeur of yester-years designs but with significantly improved thermal performance and durability.  This is the very essence of our Suffolk Collection range of doors.  We’ve designed 23  doors styles with careful detailing that reflects many of the period styles that have stood the test of time.  While it’s true, we also love contemporary styles, our Lavenham door can be easily modified with difference combinations of panelling and glazing, but at the heart of every design is the bold, striking lines that just shout authenticity.

Similarly the Ixworth really lends itself to the oversize proportions of period doors, combined with the subtle woodgrain and gentle colour palette, the Ixworth is incredibly pleasing on the eye.

To find out more about the Suffolk Collection and its versatility, download a brochure here or find your nearest CIN member here.