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Reasons to appoint a CIN Installer

A CIN installer will give you a fixed price for your installation and build which will include everything you’ve asked – some CIN installers will even carry out your final electrical works, flooring and even redecoration. Whatever agreement you come to be rest assured that your CIN installer won’t surprise you at the end with an unexpected bill.

Small buildings works can be a headache if you plan your life around a certain start date and it keeps slipping back. Nobody wants their home extension to slip back – your CIN installer will give you an accurate start date at the point that you agree to engage their services.

All too often we hear about building jobs that either drag on or never get completed – that won’t happen with your CIN installer.

Communicating with you about your build is an essential component of the CIN Charter – you’ll always be able to talk to a project manager and have a clear work schedule presented at the start of your project.

If you are considering a highly glazed home extension such as a conservatory, Loggia or orangery it’s essential that your new space incorporates the very latest glass technology to ensure your home is thermally efficient – your CIN installer will be fully up to speed about the latest technologies for glazed extensions.

A CIN installer will always clearly introduce and communicate who the trades people are in your property. It’s not often practical for you to be at home the entire time you are having work completed so it’s essential that you feel safe and confident that only trusted and reliable tradesmen are in your home – a CIN installer will give you that peace of mind.

We only invite the very finest installation companies to join our CIN installer network after a thorough vetting process. Every CIN installer will construct your extension to the appropriate building regulations standard; if planning permission is required they’ll even sort that out for you in most cases.


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