But for thousands of homeowners across the UK, the ‘space’ issue rears its ugly head – how will we fit 17 cousins, aunts, uncles and grannies into our house?  And the conservatory – it’s freezing!  Anybody with a conservatory of a certain age will know that while they are fantastic spaces at certain times of the year – in winter, they become the perfect ‘cold’ room for storing wine and lager – not all bad.  But the opportunity to transform your conservatory into a 365 days per year room has never been greater.

With advances in building technology, conservatory owners are simply replacing their old polycarbonate, or glass roof with a solid roof.  With beautiful vaulted ceilings on the inside and exceptional thermal performance, home owners now have a broad range of roof choices available to them.  Solid roofs are incredibly flexible and assuming you want to keep the same foot print of your conservatory and your windows are suitable to take the weight of a new roof – the job can usually be completed in just one day leaving your follow-on trades, such as plasterers and decorators to crack on!

Talk to your nearest CIN member and explore the opportunity of transforming your conservatory into a room for all seasons.