Big impact – setting aside the aesthetics of your front door for a moment, the main purpose of your front door is to keep unwanted visitors out so before your consider the purchase of any new front door check the security features.  Ideally you want to be looking for security and locking devices that feature British Standard approval and a 3 star Euro Cylinder as standard.  These standards tell you how effective the locking features are on your door. Ask your retailer to talk your through these points.

Old for new – front doors can really date a property, quite literally.  You can still retain a heritage style front door to enhance the look of your property but you should also consider modern materials that need minimal maintenance.  Some of today’s PVC-u door designs are amongst the best on the market for offering thermal performance and many of the designs offer timeless elegance more akin to a traditional timber door. Suffolk Collection doors for example offer a wide range of both period and contemporary styles but require very little maintenance.

Make an impression – in many ways choosing new windows is easier than choosing a new front door.  Your entrance door is an opportunity to really make an impact.  You must think about the functional benefits of your door first and foremost.  Do you want an element of glazing in your door to be able to see visitors, or do you want complete privacy?  If so, it’s always useful to be able to see who’s knocking the door before you answer it, so consider a spy hole.  Look at your neighbours doors, do any of those stand out?  Take a fresh look at front doors in your surrounding area, if you see a design you like, ask them where they got it from.  Consider how you can use colour to change the look of your property.  White and black are both ‘safe’ colours, but use contemporary design to make your entrance ‘pop’.  If you want to know more about choosing colour read our blog: What does the colour of your front door say about you?